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From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

What are USP? Where do they come from? Why do they resemble humans? Are they really our spirits, partially reborn?

Our line of work is based on these questions, yet we know frighteningly little. This page will serve to host various researcher's thoughts and manifestos.


Dr Manipose

Though this isn't my belief, we would be remiss if we didn't include the most popular theory: USP, or more simply, ghosts, are the souls/spirits of our dearly deceased. I struggle with this theory mainly in its simplicity - for example, if this were the case, where are the 109 billion souls/spirits of every human who has fatefully proceeded us? Are we to assume only lucky few souls/spirits are granted the gift OR INDEED the curse of walking upon the land of the living?

Dr Emilia

Humans, plants, animals, everything appears to exist on a singular plane of existence. Within this plane, there are three dimensions of spacial movement, time moves forwards relative to local gravity acting as a 4th dimension, and there are strict laws of physics.

I propose that some or all USP inhabit separate planes of existence, just as we inhabit ours. In these other planes, time could flow backwards, or not at all, and movements could be defined only in two dimensions - we simply don't know. It can help to imagine each plane as a layer of a lasagne - though each occupies a space, they obey very different laws. Then imagine a creature of one plane (let's say a beef layer) acts cross-dimensionally; as each plane encompasses completely everything within it, the extension of one being is an extension of the whole plane. In this extension, the beef layer stretches up to intersect the pasta layer (our plane), and what we recognise as a manifestation occurs.

Say, for example, an Ink Puppet removes a tree from a painting. For the USP, this could be achieved by interfering with the material of the painting, or just as easily it could intersect at a different point in time and interfere with the artist's brush, or even mind - or it could prevent the tree itself from ever even being planted!

Dr Cornish

There's definitely value in considering some scale of hysteria - its not outlandish to suggest that consumption of alcohol or drugs could have caused many people to see or hear things that simply are not there


Dr Schumann - Awareness

USP can be divided into two broad categories - those that are either actually the unquiet souls of the deceased or at least strongly mimic them (hence Type A), and those that make no attempt to act like a specific deceased human. Within the first category, a further distinction is to be made; whether or not the USP is aware of its position - either it knows it's dead or it knows it's not a regular human. Extreme caution should be taken when attempting to reach out, as unaware Type A USP are among the most potentially dangerous can be encountered: Alerting one to it's current non-alive or non-human state in a careless manner will enrage the entity, and been known to cause them to act unpredictably - a most undesirable outcome.

Dr Delman - Mimicry

For the purpose of this theory, it is assumed that Type A Schumann USP are in fact mimics and not Maniposan in nature.

The common act of mimicry is, I believe, the most fascinating and enigmatic study in the field of USP. I believe that mimicry can occur intentionally or unintentionally in USP; unintentional mimicry may be the only way certain USP can enter our plane of existence - some sort of protective suit that allows them to stay. This may also be true of intentional mimics, but I strongly believe unintentional mimics have evolved this ability, as they seem to completely believe the facade that they hide behind. This behaviour can be observed in seekers, as their fearful or aggressive response to direct human contact implies some animalistic instinct to maintain the facade.

Those who intentionally mimic (and therefore do not need the facade to survive in our plane) can be aggressive or not. Non-aggressive mimics seem to simply want to visit, explore, or live on our plane, and often have some understanding that their non-facade form would be hurt their ability to do this. As such, I recommend that we should avoid or support these entities, if only from afar. They are instinctively cautious, and direct contact is damn near impossible currently, but if we can gain their trust, the knowledge on USP could be invaluable.

Aggressive intentional mimics are a very different beast. They use their mimicry as a cloak from which to stalk, harass, influence, or even kill humans. One famous example is a USP disguising as a child, preying on people's protective instincts to lure them in. Another is the legend of the skinwalker that uses human-sounding cries of fear and pain to draw their victims in.

In my opinion, aggressive intentional mimics are some of the most dangerous around. Their knowledge of human behavourial patterns is extensive, and we still don't know how it has been accrued