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The Road Watchers

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

These USP have been seen to manifest atop highway bridges or by the roadside, watching traffic pass by. These watchers vary in appearance, but have some common themes - smart, well fitting white shirts, black trousers, ties, boots or short heels.

The most unusual aspect of their appearance is that they all bear some form of fatal wound. This varies from stab wounds, bullet holes, missing limbs, severe bruising around the neck, and in one case, clear signs of drowning.

Their Behavioural Profile appears to be a Type A Schumann - they rarely use supernatural abilities, and seem to express no active malice towards the living. They are frequently observed by multiple drivers, standing near roads late at night. On rare occasions, they are reported to have jumped from the bridges, disappearing just before they hit the tarmac below.