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The Ones Who Wander

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

The Ones Who Wander, or Hide-And-Seekers are USP that are often observed from afar, and tend to mimic humans. though they are most often identified in rural areas, where a few hikers will stand out from the barren landscape, there is no evidence to show that this is a limitation.

Observers could be looking down from a skyscraper, be in a tightly packed stadium, or even just peering out of their bedroom window into the street, and this USP could be present, blending in perfectly with the crowd.

The Ones Who Wander tend to fit into two Behavioural profiles - Hiders and Seekers.


Seekers are always in some state of transition, for example hiking up a hill or crossing a road. They will often mimic a person or people who recently performed the same action, and rarely if ever deviate from the original's path. If a human attempts to interrupt or simply communicate with the Seeker, it will respond with fear, anger, or even aggression. They will make every effort to break contact with the individual(s), taking the form of running, hiding, or, if cornered, the death of the individual(s).


Hiders are more insidious. Like Seekers, they mimic people, and like Seekers they follow a route, but unlike Seekers they appear to possess some greater awareness. this awareness can manifest in either self awareness or awareness of the observer (henceforth 'full aware'). Self aware Hiders will always deviate from their route, and will begin to explore their surroundings. Eventually they will find what they deem a satisfactory location and promptly disappear - this is often a dark, secluded spot away from anyone's awareness.

Fully Aware Hiders start to deviate upon initial observation of the observer, often direct eye contact. From that point, referred to as Point Of Linkage, onwards, they will attempt to get as physically close to the observer as possible. Certain actions will cause the USP to disappear, but each instance differs slightly. Most will 'give up' if directly observed or acknowledged once, or multiple times by the observer, but select few will not. If a Fully Aware Hider completes its objective, it will


Exscribend, Mortis, Parisitarum, Vitae