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Sighting Report At Cottsham Ballroom

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

The following images and transcripts are taken from a notebook found in an abandoned ballroom, and seem to document an urban explorer's encounter with an unidentified USP, pending classification.

November 15th, 2017

I'm taking a break from life and going exploring. I've had it up to here with taxes and family and work, so i'm going somewhere quiet. Rich mentioned this abandoned ballroom out of town that'll be pretty quiet this time of year - too damn cold for squatters.

November 18th

First day was an absolute dream - this place is gorgeous! Sure it's pretty busted, and most of the upper floor is fully collapsed, but the main stage and seating is [in] pretty good nick. i'm pretty sure i'm alone here, at least human wise. This place has a horrific rat problem, and i doubt there's going to be any exterminators hm just got a rude reminder than I'd forgotten to turn my phone off - fucking boss. If he wants me to respond then he can pay me what I'm owed. Prick.

November 19th

I was wrong. I'm definitely not alone. The damn rats have unionised! They're taking shifts of tormenting me, eating my food and such. Jokes aside, I've been hearing more bangs around the place but overall it's really peaceful here. I didn't do much research into the history, but I know this place didn't close from budget cuts. I'll tell you, my mates are not a fan of me being here, having also heard of the history. I can see some very angry looking clouds on the horizon. I guess i wouldn't mind being stuck here a few more days

November 20th

Rat Update: It's Still Fucked. I woke up this morning with three on top of me - one was nibbling at me! I love this place The storm's hit pretty hard, i can hear the rain and lightning batter the landscape around me. My damn garden's probably flooded. Getting harder to explain away all the knocking, but i haven't seen anything.

November 21st

More bloody rain. The surrounding area is mostly peat bogs, and i'll probably get stuck if I try to get out of this beautiful place. It must be the crazy talking, but i swear the floor's been getting scratched up? Also i found this awesome music box - it's got this icon like an old ship anchor on the side - sounds SUPERCRE long black hair 7/8 feet tall dancing? Blind summoned by the box? covered in barnacles smells like fish Super fucking strong