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Mirror Ghost

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

"Then his majesty said 'How these [events] surpass the power of the great god and the wills of the divinites'

..All that existed had been annihilated" - Tempest Stele

Mirror Ghosts are USP that manifest only in mirrors, windows, or other reflective/translucent surfaces. Common forms of sighting are a flash or shadow in the corner of the observer's eye, or an object being present in a reflection that does not exist on our physical plane.

Conventionally, these USP cannot physically harm observers, 'preferring' to cause psychologically harm, until observers leave the AOI.

The Tempest Stele

The very earliest example of a Mirror Ghost is on an ancient egyptian tablet, where heiroglyphs portray a special smoothed stone with a shadow trapped within. After the stone was discovered, it was destroyed by Pharoah Ahmose I, claiming is was an abomination. Soon after this, in 1550 BCE, a great storm was recorded on the Stele, destroying many temples and pyramids.

Following this and other similar sightings/accounts involving Mirror Ghosts, the AUSP has amended its recommended OP.

Operating Procedures

DO NOT SMASH THE MIRROR. Any damage or destruction to a mirror, window, or other semi reflective surface DIRECTLY BY A PERSON has an extremely high chance of enraging the USP within {Note, Dr Irons: is this where the 7 years of bad luck thing comes from?}. Safe methods of containment are trivial, as the affected item simply has to be contained in an opaque container and it will lose the ability to affect potential observers.

Other Theories

There have been many unconfirmed reports of Mirror Ghosts appearing in liquids such as water or molen metal. This is a troubling implication due to aforementioned behaviour, but as events typically associated wiht enragement do not happen as often as expected, new theories are to be considered.

Potentially, the fact that liquids do not possess the rigidity and certainty of form that glass does prevents these Mirror Ghosts from fully attaching to them. Another proposal is that the water-based Mirror Ghosts are to be considered an entirely separate entity that are weaker or more docile. These entites could be linked to any number of mythical water spirits including, but not limited to: Japanese Kappa, Greek Naiads or Sirens, Aztec Ahuizotl, Malagasy Hantu Air, and Lancashire's Jenny Greenteeth. What is seen as luring behaviour in myth could translate to psychological assault observed in Mirror Ghosts.


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