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Lost Souls

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

Lost Souls are USP unique in their limited time of manifestation and their implications for the origins of all USP.

After large-scale catastrophe, these USP appear to mimic, for a short time, deceased humans. When approached, these USP will react with fear, aggression, or simply ignorance, implying varying levels of awareness.

Lost Souls are the source of much debate, as some argue that they are actual souls of recently deceased humans, performing the same routines they had been before they died. Others believe Lost Souls to be simple mimics, taking the forms of those unfortunate victims.

Sighitng of lost souls are common, with some early examples being Roman Legionnaires returning home, only to disappear, and Aztec Priests seen performing a final sacrifice after apparently being kills by Conquistadors. Recent examples include two nuclear workers seen at Fukushima-Daichii, and the events of Barcelona in 2005


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