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Ink Puppet

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

Ink Puppets are often seen as cousins to Mirror Ghosts. They primarily manifest in paintings, drawings, and sketches, ad are often incredibly hard to detect. Like Mirror Ghosts, they tend to torment observers from afar, mainly by influencing the medium of the item they inhabit, usually targetting mentally or physically vulnerable victims. This includes making people move or change facial expressions, removing or adding objects, or potentially even more significant effects.

Sightings of Ink Puppets are recorded (and potentially influenced) as far back as humanity has been recording information visually. Though there's no evidence to prove it, there's no reason to believe that even the earliest cave paintings couldn't be infested by Ink Puppets.

{Note Dr : Can IP/MG change their object of infestation at will?(link) The containment of these two USP has always been, if practical, to keep them locked up where no new observers can see them. However if it were true that these entities are able to switch between items, this could have significant implications.}


Exscribend, Tactus