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From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

Familia Silentii

USP within this family are the quietest and most passive observed in the field. They rarely influence their environment, and tend to avoid well built-up places such as cities or even towns. An important note is that any USP can act unpredictably, given enough provocation

Familia Exscribend

USP withing this family often use mimicry to act. This can either be mimicry of mundane, inanimate objects, or mimicry of more complicated entities, including insects, farm animals, or, rarely, humans. The reasons for this action vary widely, from simply avoiding detection to trying to [mess with people]

Familia Mortis

USP within this family are identifiable by one simple fact: They make significant or continuous effort to kill living creatures. This is different to Familia Daemonum, as it does not require evil intent; many animals in nature make effort to kill without being defined as evil. Please note a USP lashing out in defence would not be counted here.

Familia Daemonum

USP within this family act in a way classically assigned to Demons. This includes possession and temptation of humans, the desire to create suffering, and aversion to strong faith. The key point to note here is latter; many USP do not appear to be outwardly malicious, so the division is important to note.

Familia Tactus

USP within this family are known for their excessive interactions with inanimate objects, either as weapons, a means for entertainment, or other purposes.

Familia Parisitarum

USP within this family attach themselves to a person or a group of people, either passively relying on them to survive, or actively leeching from them. This can take the form of physical theft of objects, leeching electricity or water, or, in rare cases, [link - vampires] more aggressive means.

Familia Vitae

USP within this family believe, to varying degrees, that they are living beings, and so use fewer supernatural abilities. They can also be much easier to locate. [link to parisitarum - copying, not remembering?]