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Eyes of Elegua

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

The following possession events are assumed to be caused by a single USP, due to their similar nature. Each time an event occurs, the subject's eyes cloud over, and they seem to fall into some sort of trance. Anecdotally, victims of this possession appear to be entirely unharmed, and have some compulsion to avoid danger - people driving tend to slow and stop to the side, and pedestrians will move as far from roads as possible.

Event 1 - January 16th, Female, 20

Subject was on a public bus when the event started, and reports her vision going black for a few seconds, before she opened her eyes again, believing to be in a different location. Subject describes a thick forest with heavy snowfall, a thick fog, and a deep blue light cast over the whole forest. Subject reports navigating the forest for two days, without any compulsion for food, water, or rest. At one point, the subject arrived at a clearing, only to be faced with a sudden and aggressive snowstorm. The subject tried to push through, but lost her footing. In the instant before hitting the ground, she regained consciousness. Though subject confirmed that she had felt at least two days pass, witness testimony states that she slumped over for a few seconds before jolting awake. Subject reports a strong emotional surge and some memory loss upon waking up. When asked to describe what sort of emotion, the Subject became distressed, and couldn't answer accurately.

Event 2 - May 8th, Female, 35

Subject was at home eating lunch when event started. The same loss of vision occurred as in Event 1, with the subject now being transported to a frozen lake, surrounded by dense forest. The lake was described as being so large that the subject believed they could never reach it. Note the same blue light and fog was present. Subject reports walking for 3 days, with no visible change in distance from the forest, until she reached a rocky outcropping. The Subject noticed rockpool-like formations that periodically flooded with water, and glowed a bright aquamarine, potentially due to phytoplankton or other bioluminescence. The Subject reached down to touch the lights, but felt a "cold burning" sensation, causing her to recoil backwards and trip over. As in Event 1, this loss of balance caused the Subject to jolt awake. According to the clock on the Subject's wall, she had been unconscious for exactly 20 minutes.

Event 3 - October 31st, Male, 22

Subject was working as a janitor for a local theatre when event began. The process was identical to prior observations, with this Subject being "transported" to a cliff edge overlooking the sea. Though the deep blue light persists, there was also heavy rain and wind. The cliff edge is described as being rocky and jagged with some tufts of grass. The Subject walked down to coastline for approximately 2 days, before discovering an excessively large lighthouse. During the walk, the Subject saw various things fly over his head from the land into the sea. Reported objects include trees, rocks, and what the Subject cautiously referred to as "people". Upon reaching the lighthouse, the Subject shouted to anyone inside; in response the lighthouse appeared to bend over him at almost 90 degrees. After a few moments it released an "inhuman roar" and shone a bright pillar of light onto him, which started to lift him up off of his feet. After being lifted a few metres the Subject was dropped, causing him to jolt awake before he hit the ground.

Event 4 - November 12th, Numerous

This was the first event to affect multiple people simultaneously; an entire secondary school class experienced the event in the same instant, and were all "transported" to a gigantic cave, with a honeycomb-like mesh on the ceiling, through which the previously observed blue light shone through. Though there was some level of ambient light, a "moon" intermittently passed overhead, casting a much brighter light across the cavern. The Subjects were distributed across the cave system, with some in groups of between 3 and 8, and some opening their eyes to complete solitude. Over a few hours, most of the Subjects were able to located each other and form two large groups on what are believed to be either end of the cavern. This being said, there were a few Subjects who couldn't locate any other members and were alone for the entire duration of the event. Various Subjects reported hearing noises in the cave, ranging from human cries to animalistic calls, to robotic grunts. Due to the fact that no two Subjects could agree on what they were hearing, it has been hypothesised that the noises were in some way "implanted" within the subject's minds and not actually occuring.