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Behavioural Profile

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

The BP is a standardised set of markers used to inform AUSP operatives and the wider public of what of what to expect when encountering USP.

The first marker is self-awareness. This follows from Schumann's theory.

Level A
The USP is not aware of its current status as either a dead human soul or as a USP. These entities will, to a major degree, believe that they are living humans.
Level B
The USP believes that they are a dead human
Level C
The USP believes that they are a USP
Level D
The USP's awareness fluctuates unpredictably

The second marker is outside awareness.

Level 1
The USP displays no recognition of any form of communication with any living thing. For them, our plane is completely barren and devoid of life. Note all USP display some level of recognition of non-living items such as the Earth itself
Level 2
The USP displays awareness of very specific living things i.e. intelligent humans, animals with a specific infection, etc
Level 3
The USP displays awareness and recognition of any living creature of any relative significance. These entities have comparable awareness to humans.
Level 4, 2*
The USP displays greater awareness of all or certain living things with greater strength i.e. from great distances or through many obstacles

The third marker is intelligence. Note, if a * is present, the USP will possess a greater ability to learn and improve its intelligence.

Level Z
The USP possess almost no intelligence, and tends to act in a more elemental manner
Level Y
The USP has some minor intelligence, comparitive to a 12 year old child
Level X
The USP has the intelligence of the average adult human
Level W
The USP displays intelligence of a human genius, with estimated IQ of over 160
Level V
The USP is more intelligent than we can measure

The fourth is strength - This measures the average severity of actions made by USP.

Level A
The USP possesses no physical or psychological strength with which to influence our plane
Level B
The USP is able to move objects under 0.5m2 in volume and can use light suggestive/persuasive
Level C
The USP can move objects under 5m2 in volume, can manipulate some human, or can slightly influence the weather (within what is possible for non-affected weather)
Level D
The USP can move objects under 50m2, can manipulate many humans, fully puppetting some, and can cause significant atmospheric catastrophe
Level E
The USP appears to have no limits in physical strength, and as such can cause widespread tectonic calamity, and is able to subjugate many humans

The fifth marker is aggression.

Level 1
The USP displays zero aggression or hostility
Level 2
The USP will react with aggression is enraged or extremely provoked
Level 3
The USP will defend itself and attack if it feels it needs to - this is similar to most animals
Level 4
The USP will periodically become aggressive with some consistency
Level 5
The USP is always at a low level of hostility
Level 6
The USP is always at a high level of hostility
Level 7
The USP is completely unpredictable


  • As an example, they average human would be classified as A3XB3
  • USP physical strength has been measured in volume and not mass, as this tends to be the limiting factor