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Agency Information

From The Agency For Unassociated Spectral Phenomena

The Agency can be split into various internal bodies.


The Technicians are the Agency's board of directors, and as such have influence over all other parts of agency policy. Candidates for the Technicians are chosen from lower departments, and undergo a rigourous training regime before being elevated to the board.

Department of Transport

This department is entirely devoted to the research, exploration, and exploitation of the Neptune Anomaly. This department was set up after the anomaly started to grow in severity beyond what was otherwise controllable.

Department of Acquisitions

Acquisitions take the role of outreach and discovery of new USP. Operatives often work closely with local and national law enforcement as well as fire and medical responders, as many USP tend to be most easily found at the heart of catastrophe.

Department of Research

Research takes the mammoth task of investigating and cataloguing USP. This can also include containment if possible, or, if the USP is uncontainable, the construction of active and passive procedure to minimise any danger or excessive influence.


When Research needs an area isolated for testing, or Acquisitions needs a site scouted, they call the Inquisitors. These are the Agency's main field operatives, equipped with standard training and equipment, who are prepared for a wide range of required scenarios. Though all Inquisitors are trained to have some expertise in most scenarios, there are also specialised units that receive further training for specific situations. Some of this training is for relatively frequent operations, but some is for a specific USP, should it be esoteric and severe enough to require a highly specialise operative.